Thorough Violin School – Leopold Mozart

...from today's perspective of awareness of early music performance – the work of Leopold Mozart is – alongside similar treatises by J.J. Quantz, C.Ph.E. Bach and D.G. Türk – an interesting testimony of eighteenth-century musical aesthetics, while being the only document that gives such an accurate description of the technique of playing string instruments in this period.

Thorough Violin School – Leopold Mozart


“For every musician, especially a violinist, consciously performing works of the Baroque era, this book is a treasury of knowledge about articulation, sound and phrase shaping, ornamentation and bowing.”

 Katarzyna Jerzewska

Reprinted from the original of the third edition, Augsburg 1789
with a preface by David Oistrakh 
and explanations and commentary by Hans Rudolf Jung

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Author Katarzyna Jerzewska (PL)
Publisher Stowarzyszenie Miłośników Kultury i Sztuki
ISBN 9788392107811
Publication date 2007


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